Sooraj Babu

Sooraj babu is a multi- talented artist and a mechanical engineer. He is presently working as a creative designer at Lowes Bangalore. ( Mcwane , Wipro , Xiaomi ) He is a renowned watercolor artist, known for his expression in various forms of art. He is a truly disobedient artist whose creativity defies all the conventional rules.

Taking watercolor as his medium, he specializes in landscape paintings. Today he creates stunning, even inspiring landscapes and paintings meant to trigger emotions and memories for each and every viewer. His paintings have a stillness that reveals the timeless character of place. At this young age his paintings have found home in countries like Australia, Canada, USA, DUBAI. Numerous exhibitions, so many workshops, and more than 1000 paintings have become a part of his journey now.

A self-made artist, Sooraj Babu, has been a source of inspiration for so many young people around him. He proves that following one’s dream and working hard for them does pay off one day.

Here come light

Watercolor on paper

13×20 inches

Rs. 55,000/-


Acrylic ink on canvas

12×19 inches

Rs 45,000/-

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