Shyamala Mullai Pandiyan

Shyamala Mullai Pandiyan is an Engineer turned Artist pursuing Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting. Her paintings are centered around Sculptures and Indian heritage. She specializes in hyper realism, semi abstract works and fluidic sculptures. She has exhibited her works in many group shows. She is also a freelance illustrator.

Her painting titled ‘Fluidic Matsya Avatar’ represents a fluidic form of Lord Vishnu’s Matsya Avatar. The fluidic form signifies CHANGE – the only permanent thing in life. The background macro image is inspired by real life geometric pattern formations in the sea. The pattern shows that nature abides by certain laws and we need to respect the creation and acknowledge its power. God is the creator and this picture represents him and his creation.

Fluidic Matsya Avatar

Acrylic on canvas

3×2 feet


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