Shoba Premkumar

Shobha Prem is a self taught artist and a science teacher by profession. She is well versed in abstract art, Kerala murals and enjoys experimenting with water colours. She has taken part in various exhibitions and has also curated art shows. She is passionate about promoting ethnic artwork. This is reflected in her latest work, the Nettipattam, an ornament that has been used to adorn temple elephants in Kerala and is of historical and cultural significance.

Nettippattam a decorative ornament for the elephants used in temples in Kerala. It represents the deities of Hindu pantheon and also Sages, planets and stars. These glittering and colorful replicas is used to beautify the walls of your living room and commercial places is believed to bring in prosperity, peace and blessings. These are made of gold plated fiber domes of different sizes and pasted with rubber solution following the traditional method.

Nettipattam 2

41/2 – 6 1/2 feet


Nettipattam 4

Size- 41/2 – 6 1/2 feet


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