Sathya Gandhi

                               Sathya Gandhi is a BFA graduate from Kumbakonam College of fine arts in Tamil Nadu. She is from a traditional weaver’s family and all her life has been in villages and revolved around village traditions and festivities. Village architecture and the clean light and shadow on the temples and other old buildings always attracted her so much that I often paint architectural compositions.

                    Most of her paintings are monochromatic and even if there are colors, they are very much restricted. Her birth and growing up places were textile hubs, so very colorful. The monochromatic effect of old temples and houses always stood out and attracted her. The vertical elements of the buildings would always form the frame for the core of the painting and the diagonal elements would   lead the eyes to it.


Oil on canvas

11×28 inches


Theppa Kulam

Oil on canvas

8×18 inches

Rs. 6000/-

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