Rashmi Singh Rathaur

Rashmi owes a lot to watercolour to keep her balanced and at peace.
The magic of watercolours has always kept her in awe, just like life, sometimes the unexpected events landing in the most beautiful turns of
life. She did her engineering from IIT Roorkee. She is a full time engineering professional and self taught artist by passion. Her canvas is Dharma-ksetra for her with very simple logic, focus on paddy and ignore the weeds. Tricky part is to identify the weed and paddy…… the
hunt will always be on.

Door of Perspective

Watercolour on paper

19 X27 inches

Rs. 30,000/-

Om Shanti

Watercolour on paper

23X19 inches

Rs. 25,000/-

Interested in purchasing Rashmi’s artworks? You can directly email her: rashmi.s.rathaur@gmail.com