Rajendra Kedige

Findings oneself on one’s own, questioning oneself out of natural curiosity- these allow our awareness to go across to the other side of external flow of thinking.  Thus as simplified way of seeing begins, awareness is formed that one is free of inner-outer happenings and relationship is established with basic nature, communications arrange by themselves resulting with elements of encompassing experience.
The ideas discussed above are used in a box under the title ‘Quest- Box’.  While journeying by seeing through these types of artistic media Why!? What!? Where!? When such natural questions arise, these themselves might prove instrumental in the attempt to gain awareness of truth-reality in simple ways within oneself.

Quest -Box

Metal-C.R. sheet – 24 guage

L 26 cm x Wi 18 cm x D 18 cm

Wood base : 38 cm x 33 cm x 76 cm


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