Peroumal Sri Venkateswaran

Sri Venkateswaran Born in India and lives in France for his Art research. The eminent and elegant in the field of Painting, has been nudged from his inner voice to seek know other source of Education but only the course of learning Fine Arts, especially the Art of Painting after his schooling days then later Theatre Arts from Pondicherry University. He has developed an original and distinct method of using both the folk cultural and anthropological findings out of his own known observation and learning about the street arts and Natural integrity found expressed in the traditional way of performances in south India rural area.

Very many solo exhibitions have been held in India and overseas by him with very many painted pictures depicting the Folk and Traditional art of Tamilnadu.  Sri Venkateswaran Peroumal lives in France for his Performance and Fine art practice.


Acrylic on paper

14 x 22 inches

Rs 10,000


Acrylic on paper

14×22 inches

Rs. 10,000/-

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