Meenakshi Ramani

Meenakshi Ramani is a native of Coimbatore, India. She had travelled from North to South, coming across vast cultures. After pursuing B. Sc. CT, MCA, she worked for Royal Bank of Scotland as a Software Developer. Later, completed Advanced Diploma in Montessori & Child Education. Simultaneously, got a certification from Fevicryl as an Art & Craft Professional. Meanwhile, worked in a couple of schools teaching Art. Currently pursuing Diploma in Art Therapy.

sHE conductS Art & Craft workshops under HER brand ‘The Acharya Academy’, dealing with Folk and Contemporary art styles. sHE always loves to go for brilliant shades that highlights in her artworks. She works mostly with acrylic, oil and water colours and also does pencil sketches.

Lord Pandurangan

Acrylic on canvas


SitaRam Pattabishekam

Acrylic on canvas


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