Mauli Shah

Mauli Shah believes with Albert Einstein that, “Creativity is Intelligence having Fun.”
A Mumbai based fashion designer operating a successful fashion brand ZAH, manufacturing Indian Ethnic wear since the past 2 decades. Her love for art began as a child, and evolved into various different forms of fashion illustration. Currently painting in watercolours as a medium she believes that art is a state of mind, like being in a dream where everything in your subconscious mind comes together with unimaginable colours, shapes and textures. An amalgamation of your own emotions, experiences and visions which show your own unique perspectives through the kaleidoscope of the eyes of the artist. The artworks are a part of the current series “My Kaleidoscope.”

She wants to express her vision through her artworks and sound healing.

Law of Attraction


8.25x 11.75 inches


The Hapi Tribe


8.3x 11.7 inches


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