Mangala Narayan

Mangala Narayan agrees with Frank Stella where she describes Minimalism as “What you see is what you see “. There is nothing to ponder upon but just look and enjoy the work. She works with clarity in the process of creating art whether it is choosing the subject matter, the color palette or building a composition.

She believes she has grown as a person in the process of making art over many years. An experience with being aware of every moment introduced clarity to every situation. Conversations with nature, babies, children and old people charge her with the energy she requires to create.

Interaction with artists and mentors at School of Visual Arts, New York, gave her a fresh perspective on how to connect with one’s roots and emotions to venture and explore into a cloud full of fresh ideas ready to be captured and installed. An Art writing Course at Sothebys added a pinch of knowledge on the messages conveyed by artists, poets and authors about today’s art around the world, boosting her confidence and faith in writing her views!

Universal Seed 2

Acrylic on canvas,

Rs 20,000/-

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