Kuppanna Kandgal

Kuppaana’s paintings are in oil medium. His creations are based on spirituality and evoke feeling of compassion and calm, and facilitate experiencing solitude in the midst of noise and commotion. the basic core and contents of the works linger around exploration of harmonious existence. The rendering of the picture surface shows the dexterity and handling of the medium. The transparent oil colour that overlap create intricate patterns and the picture surface is rich in textural quality and at times gives the smoky and rugged effect. In nutshell, his works are poetic and provide an experience of walking in a mid summer shower.

Untitled I

Oil on canvas

18×36 inches

Rs. 50,000/-

Untitled II

Oil on canvas

2.6 x 3.0 feet

-Rs 30,000/-

Interested in purchasing Kuppanna Kandigal’s artworks? You can email email him directly: kandgalk@gmail.com