Jaspreet Mohan Singh

Jaspreet Mohan Singh is an artist who thinks that the art of painting is most effective of all arts to express ourselves. He has come to the conclusion that this medium not only good to express one s feelings but also to give vent to one’s creative urge. In todays turbulent world where there is so much insecurity, the only way to educate people is to be creative. Creativity being contagious inspires people to be constructive ,loving and full of positive energy. This in turns make this planet worth living . The path is long but the artist has to be courageous and creative towards his responsibilities for the society.

Being a sensitive artist, when he paints, he feels moments of pure blissfulness. Colours become the carriers of his ideas on the surface of canvas . His paintings are bold and abstract using bright colours for his compositions. The abstractions carry a deep hidden meanings and perceptions changes from person to person. The underlying theme is an upsurge towards perfection which is the ultimate goal of any human being. Each painting is a discovery to enrich and express the artist and feel great sense of gratification .

Divine Lights

Acrylic on canvas

45.72 cms X 60.96 cms

Rs. 43,000/-

Interested in purchasing Jaspreet’s artworks? You can enquire him directly through his email: jas0036@gmail.com