IISAF 2023 – Gautam Jhanjee

Gautam Jhanjee’s artworks are inspired by the spiritual and religious traditions of his Indo-European heritage. Focusing on Indian Civilization, they feature ancient symbols that have continued archetypal resonance, such as The Buddha, the chakra, the sun, the bull and the lotus flower. He paint’s in his flat overlooking stunning Lake Burley Griffin, in Canberra, Australia, and the beautiful landscape beyond.

 ‘Bidaai’, Acrylic on Italian paper, 91W x 60.8H cm, 2022, Price  Rs. 1,55,000/-

  ‘Sandhya at the Western Gate’, Acrylic on Italian paper, 75W x 110H cm, 2022, Price Rs.2,25,000/- 

Do you like to buy these artworks of Gautam? Write to us : spiritualartfest@gmail.com