IISAF 2023 – Artist Vishwas M

I understands art as a way to pay tribute to nature. Deep naturalism is always present in all work, a sincere connection with the primary elements: earth, water, air, fire and ether; that its the constitution of the real nature. A sincere approach to express how is our interaction with those elements in this era and the reflect of the disorders of the mind in relation to the order and balance of nature. This is main vision and resolution is full of gentle surprises of geometric and primitive forms mixed with interesting notes of surrealism.

The organic textures used artist resemble us the native roots where he belongs to. Tribal elemental lines that emerge from a pure space giving a very intriguing and new figurative. The repetition of the motives builds different manifestations of universal mind, like the multiple cells constituting the whole physical and sic logic body. Not only profound vision means a link between the inner and the outer worlds, but also between the past and the present, using elements and concepts of both eras with an amazing facility and elegance. My vision of time manifested in the painting is unique.

There is a pure intention in all works to show that desires and dreams are eternal, only the way we handle them changes. Somehow, I tries to explain that human being alone doesn’t have the answers to the great questions of life, but embracing nature from a pure vision can helps us to live a joyful, meaningful life and find peace in ourselves. It means that sometimes, the way we have solved our desires in modern life, although much more sophisticated, are unable to get rid off all our inner suffering. Reconciliation ourselves with our primary roots, our own ancestors, can be like the great piruet pending in our lost souls.

And that´s how we can find some kind of implicit ethic in works.
I have a new and curious perspective to give in the panorama of new Indian artists.

Title: Mother Nature 1, Medium Acrylic on canvas, Size 60X42 inches, Prince: INR 90,000/-

Title: Mother Nature 2, Medium Acrylic on canvas, Size 48X24 inches, Price: INR 48,000/-

Interested in purchasing Vishwas’s artworks? You can purchase through us directly. Shoot a mail to: spiritualartfest@gmail.com