IISAF 2023 – Artist Vimalamathi R

Impressive creative paintings…. Love the  blue tones of her paintings, which reminds me of her city too. I could see the involvement in the field of art through her Art works.  The lines of her paintings are soo nice and crisp with a pleasant view. As an viewer, I also enjoyed watching her Art works and will in future too.

Artist Vimalamathi R, Title Rasa, Size 60.1×60.1 cms, Medium Acrylic on Canvas, Price Rs 20,000/-

Artist Vimalamathi R, Title Holy Deities, Size 97×70 cms, Medium Acrylic on Canvas, Price Rs 50,000/-

Interested in purchasing Vimalamathi’s artworks? Write to: spiritualartfest@gmail.com and we will arrange for the artwork to be delivered to you.