IISAF 2023 – Artist Veena Sanoj

Veena Sanoj is a well known artist who brings her own creativity and ideas that culminates in the artwork she magically enthralls us with. Her mystical work represents Spirituality, Peace & Tranquility. It is visually bringing the core of cultural and philosophical allusions. She is strongly influenced by the beauty of Himalayas, yoga, meditation, Himalayan masters and mystic Sufis. 

This peace or tranquility is what she tries to bring in her creations and trying to spread the mysterious energy to the world through her paintings.

Veena creates a complex epic of life and the cosmos. Her boundless imagination is clearly visible in her work. She tries to arrive at a point which focuses on , the sacred, spiritual and mythical.

Veena’s creations are on canvas and uses acrylic as medium. She is a self-taught artist. She does abstract, contemporary and Kerala temple paintings also.

She is also an Internationally Certified Advanced Yoga Instructor and a Yoga Therapist.

Artist Veena Sanoj, Title Nirvaana, Size 24 x 30 inches, Medium Acrylic on canvas, Price Rs 85,000/-

Artist Veena Sanoj, Title Nazm, Size 36×36 inches, Medium Acrylic on canvas, Price Rs 1,30,000/-

Interested in purchasing Veena’s Artworks? You can directly write to: spiritualartfest@gmail.com for purchasing.