IISAF 2023 – Artist Usha Bala Ayyadevara

Usha Bala Ayyadevara is an Indian Painter, known for abstract impressionist style. With striking compositions, experimental smudges, spirals and geometric forms, her paintings reflect the joy of movement. They spark a rich and personal dialogue of opportunities taken, places ventured, and the conscious choices we make in designing our life.

Her exuberantnature-inspired paintings combine elements of impressionism and serene abstraction.

Artist Usha Ayyadevara, Title Circle of Harmony, Medium Acrylic on canvas, Size 32×32 inches, year 2022, Price 35000/-

Artist Usha Ayyadevara, Title Kintsugi, Size 32×32 inches, Medium Acrylic on canvas, Price 37,000/-

Interested in purchasing Usha’s artworks? You can write to us for purchasing: spiritualartfest@gmail.com