IISAF 2023 – Artist S M C Rajesh

S.M.C. Rajesh is a self taught from puducherry. He creates paintings of ancient sculptures which are widely found in the temples of South India. The ideology behind his paintings is to promote ancient culture and continue the traditions of our ancestors which are aggressively disappearing in this modern era. The type of painting he makes is of the type acrylic on canvas.

Artist SMC Rajesh, Medium Acrylic on canvas, Size 60×60 cm, Title Lord Shiva, Price Rs 50000

Artist S M C Rajesh, Title Lord Shakthi, Medium Acrylic on canvas, Size 90×90 cm, Price 35000

Interested in purchasing S M C Rajesh’s artworks? You can write to us for purchasing: spiritualartfest@gmail.com