IISAF 2023 – Artist Madhu Kumar

Artist’s statement:
“Beyond Senses” by Madhu Kumar
Here each painting is a choreography of movement of my mind dancing on the frame of mortals.

The divine was imagined on the canvas, getting inspired and feeling elevated beyond earthly experience. Visually looking closely, listening and recording the conversation through my brushes and paints.
I, Feminine energy surrounded on earth.

Artist: Madhu Kumar
Title: Fire & I (Feminine energy)
Medium: Oil paintin
Dimensions: 16” X 19” Framed, 11”X14” without frame
Price: ₹ 17,000/-


Artist: Madhu Kumar
Title: Earth & I (Feminine energy)
Medium: Mixed medium
Dimensions: 17.5” X 21.5” Framed, 12”X16” without frame
Price: ₹ 19,000.

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