IISAF 2023 – Artist Charanya Rajesh

According to Charanya, Art is where Knowledge, ideas, talent, skills, creativity, love and patience meets. It is one which needs no language to understand or love. Her work is a constant search for the best way to interpret herself, our culture and where she came from. Her favourite medium is Oil painting and Soft pastels but she also does love to work in different mediums like Watercolour, Acrylic, Colour Pencils too. Realism is her main subject. Specialised in doing portraits. She has done many portrait order works and have given demos in exhibitions. She loves to do Figurative paintings depicting female in our culture.

She is the queen of forests. All animals feel safe under her bcoz she is the protector of all animals and birds and she shows kindness and love to them.She has sword on one hand to fight against those who come inbetween them and at the same time she has squirrel giving flower to her on the other hand to show her lovely nature towards them.

Artist Charanya Rajesh, Title Vanarani(Queen of forest), Size 40×30 inches, Medium Oil on Canvas, Price 50,000/-

Ganga devi is the queen of all rivers. Each God has one vaagana.Crocodile is hers. Have used resin for underwater effect

Artist Charanya Rajesh, Title Ganga devi (Queen of River), Size 36×30, Medium Oil on stretched canvas, Price 30,000/-

Interested in purchasing Charanya’s artworks? You can write to us for purchasing: spiritualartfest@gmail.com