IISAF 2023 – Artist Anwar Khan

Artist Statement :
I am an Artist from Pondicherry and I do abstract paintings my works are inspired by nature as I portray them into abstract landscapes and acrylics are my favourite. As an artist ,I am essentially interested in creating works that call for the participation of the audience to the same extend as my involvement in it. I get immense pleasure and energy while doing it.

My art journey of 30 years has always been a journey of discovering into the essence of being. It is an effort to externalize the truth of my own existence on as many levels as possible and communicate a greater awareness of the quality of various colours. It is an attempt to generate enquiry into the greater spheres of understanding which lie beyond conventionalized intellection. For me, Art is always an answer to which the question must be found.

Artist Anwar Khan,Title Aurora, Medium Acrylic on Canvas, Size 39×39 inches, Price 50,000/-

Artist Anwar Khan,Title Flamboyance, Medium Acrylic on Canvas, Size 39×39 inches, Price 45,000/-

Interested in purchasing Anwar’s artworks? You can write to us for purchasing: spiritualartfest@gmail.com