IISAF 2023 – Artist Mallika Balusu

Mallika Bulusu (www.mallikabulusu.com) has always had a deep appreciation for art and began experimenting with poster colours & water colours during her days in school. She later graduated to oils on canvas, her work has a range of different techniques.

  Mallika’s art is often inspired by a combination of breath-taking landscapes, appealing expressions, soul-stirring musical compositions, ideas, good deeds or incidents that demand attention/captivate minds. According to her these moments are magical, meditative and extremely conducive to focusing her artistic abilities to recreate her emotions on canvas.

Mallika’s works on Devi depicting the Kamalamba Navavarana kritis, a series of paintings based on spiritual themes embedded in Carnatic Music needs special mention. Mallika has been practising and teaching Carnatic music.

For several years Mallika has been working with the Spastic Society of Karnataka, as part of their art therapy unit.

Artist Mallika Bulusu, Title The Entirety, Medium Oil on canvas, Size 36×36 inches, Price 91,000

Artist Mallika Bulusu, Title The Sublime, Size 30×40 inches, Medium Oil on canvas, price 91000

Interested in purchasing Mallika’s artworks? You can write to us for purchasing: spiritualartfest@gmail.com