Yamuna Padmanaban

Art to Yamuna Padmanaban is deeply being inspired by spirituality or divinity and the positive vibrations it can bring to everyday life.
Capturing simple day to day events which have a story by themselves interests her. She focuses on representational realism and her works are primarily in oil and acrylic medium.


  • Karnataka Chitrasanthe -2018,2019,2020 ,2021 
  • Blossoms Of Art – International Exhibition of Art – 2020 
  • Exclusive Portrait Art Show – Nov 2019 
  • Mumbai Art Fair – Oct 2019 
  • Akanksha Women’s Group show – June 2019 
  • Unlock Imagination  – Sep 2018 
  • Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad Students Art show – May 2018 
  • Akanksha Women’s Group Show – June 2018 

A Travel in Silence

Mixed media on canvas

150 x 30 cm

Praying Girl

Oil on canvas

32 inches x 28 inches

To purchase Yamuna Padmanaban’s works of art, Please email the artist: yamunaa@gmail.com