Gounassegarin Peroumal

Gounassegarin Peroumal’s artwork is an epitome of man and his cultural background. From time immemorial man has been fascinated by god concept and was practicing several methods of penance to reach Him. The Artist has made much use of such traditional knowledge in creating his artwork, peppering it with his individual contemporary style which is in etching quality. His work depicts man’s ambitions, dreams, visions, sorrows and sufferings, and his dependency on Nature. His work is a conglomeration of colours that are seen between dawn and dusk, depicted by light and dark ones.

He has, of course, painted from his imagination, the different aspects of life. All with the noble purpose of realizing the inner aspects of the divine within him. Artist. K.K.Segar strongly believes that Nature and spirituality can’t be separated. The one who understands the nature can also understand what spiritual feeling is. The more profound we attempt to know ourselves the more grounded the universe will assist us with arriving the peak of consciousness. Every single piece of his art work is a result of his research in attaining the self-realisation.

Powered Life

Acrylic on canvas

1, 64×47 inch

Rs. 1,35,000/-


Acrylic on canvas

55 x47 inches


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