Gopal J

Prof. Gopal J is a Visual Artist, Art Educator, Art Researcher and Art Conservator from madukarai, Pondicherry. He developed an original and distinct method of using both the folk cultural and anthropological findings out of his own known observation and learning about the spiritual integrity found expressed in the traditional way of spiritual homage and worships grew to both the South Indian and in to South African ways of folk’s regions.

He hails from Madukarai, Pondicherry of South India. If any connoisseur of art has got the chance of running a glance over the paintings of him, the connoisseur will certainly get exhilarated to see the lucid and exact applications of various tinges of colours so aptly used to the point of excellence that the pictures will start speaking themselves at one’s soul.

A Yogi

Acrylic on canvas

36×36 inches

Rs. 50,000/-

They don’t know that they know

Acrylic on canvas

36×72 inches

Rs 1,00,000/-

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