Gautam Jhanjee

Gautam Jhanjee is a Canberra artist in the field of religious and spiritual art.  His pieces draw on the rich cultures of the places from his home, India, Oman, the United Kingdom and Australia, as well as his deeper Maharashtrian, Panjabi and German heritage.   

These artworks are part of his series of sacred calligraphic pieces, which aim to intuit a universal human script.  Writing is inherently sacred, even for someone of a different era and place who cannot decipher the script, symbols or characters.  He has tried to create this spiritual experience through his forms, which are not of any recognizable language.


India ink and watercolour on Fabriano paper

16 x23 inches

The Magi from the East Set Forth

Acrylic on wood panel

20 x 36 x1 inches

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