Anuradha Thiagarajan

The existential truth is the subject of Anuradha Thiagarajan paintings. The artist sees herself as an observer and critic and her images documents the abstract form of her understanding of the spiritual world. She gets inspiration from Osho preaching and guru Mithreshiva . She communicates that in her art. Her work is nonrepresentational or surreal. She believes in existence and mostly creates her work in BRAHMAMUHURTHAM ( 4 am), which she believes is the most vibrant and existential time. She says she cannot sign her painting as there is existential hands too in the painting.

She established an early interest in art while growing up which led her to explore art in self. She is a Coimbatorian and she loves Coimbatore. Existence has gifted her a passionate art teacher job in a reputed school The PSBB Millennium School. She loves to teach her students.


Acrylic on canvas

24×36 inches

Rs. 10,000/-

The Roots of Raise and Fall

Acrylic on canvas

36×36 inches

Rs. 20,000/-

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