Anirban Sheth

Anirban from City of Joy Kolkata the capital city of West Bengal is not only Masters in Fina Arts by education but really a master in his art of paintings on Leathers. Kolkata based artist Anirban Seth paints on leather to create series on landscapes, still life and so on. Having studied fine arts, Anirban began exploring various avenues as an outlet for his creativity. Experimenting with leather for several years, he found creative satisfaction in this difficult and challenging medium.

He treats leather as a canvas and paints on it using various techniques – the results are aesthetic and visually pleasing. He says, ‘what fascinates me about this process is the accidental effects that are introduced using this technique. Also, there is ample opportunity to experiment with textures. He likes to use a lot of folk motifs in his paintings.

Durga Mata Come after Covid 19 Pandemic

17.5 X 29 inches

 Mixed Media on Original Leather


Durga Maa

21.5X30 inches

Mixed Media  on Original Leather (Vegetable Tanned)


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