Welcome to IISAF 2021

Artist Christian Deiderick’s ‘Darsana’

Welcome to the first edition of the India International Spiritual Art Festival. This festival of art and sculpture is brought to you by Kalki Subramaniam Art. The online festival is planned for 100 days starting from 1st of August 2021.

On August 1st 2021, IISAF2021 was inaugurated by Dr. David Blake Willis, Ph.D., Professor of Anthropology and Education, Fielding Graduate University,  School of Leadership Studies California, USA.

Here is his inaugural video message:

 We thank Dr. David Blake Willis Ph.D., for his absolutely heartwarming speech. Thank you Sir.

Kalki Subramaniam, The Director of International Spiritual Art Festival 2021

“In the most difficult times, it is always art that rejuvenates us, our souls. It reinvigorates our minds for a fresh start with hope. IISAF 2021 has been found with the purpose of supporting artists in one of the most difficult times for humans around the world, the Covid-19 pandemic. I am proud the festival is outstandingly successful”

– Kalki Subramaniam, Director, IISAF 2021

“It has been a joyous experience to exhibit the works of the artists in the festival’s first edition. Interactions with the artists were amazing and like every art’s uniqueness, each artist brought themselves to the festival in a fantastic way. Our vision will continue and broaden so that in year 2022, we will be even bigger and wider “

– Bridget Paul Shibu, Co-Director, IISAF 2021

Welcoming you to the Festival. Please enter by clicking the Link below.


The aim of the festival is to attract Indian and International artists, support, encourage and exhibit their artworks to bring engagement, excitement and inspiration to art lovers around the world and encourage them to own the artworks.

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